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3 Unpleasant Things That Might Be In Your Ductwork

You rely on your ductwork to help keep you comfortable throughout the year even if you don’t see this system regularly. The ducts in your home deliver the air that your HVAC system produces as evenly as possible. This, however, does include pulling in a variety of contaminants that may be sitting in your ducts.

Unfortunately, over time there are plenty of less than pleasant things that can get into your ductwork and wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. This is why we encourage scheduling professional duct cleaning in New Bern, NC when you notice things seem off.

If you didn’t already know that your ductwork can get dirty, we’d like to let you know what can build up in this part of your HVAC system so you know if and when to reach out for this service.

What Can Get Into My Ductwork?

Believe it or not, your ductwork is not completely sealed from the contaminants that are in your air. What’s more, leaks or cracks in your ducts can allow other unpleasant contaminants into your ducts, beyond the simple dust and dirt that most of us may expect. These are some of the less pleasant contaminants that may find their way into your ductwork:

  1. Mold spores: Your ductwork can, unfortunately, become a great breeding ground for mold spores. Ductwork tends to be dark and cool which is the exact environment that mold needs to grow and spread. If you’re starting to notice mold spores around the vents in your home it may mean that you have mold growth within your ductwork that needs to be cleaned out. If not managed in a timely manner, mold can become a serious health hazard for people in your home.
  2. Bugs: It is the spooky season so of course, we have to mention creepy crawlies. Everything from spiders to ants to small beetles can find their way into your ductwork over time. Unfortunately, a lot of those bugs are likely to die within your ductwork where they are going to provide some hindrances for the flow of air into your home.
  3. Small animals: Perhaps you’ve heard a tale of a neighbor who discovered a squirrel had found its way into their ductwork and made a nest in there. Or maybe you’d heard similar stories about mice or chipmunks. These things do happen and all the first, fur and other debris these animals have on them can become a part of your airflow even if they end up leaving. And if they don’t make it out of your ducts, well, let’s just say prompt duct cleaning will be very needed to get the smell out.

These are some of the more extreme problems that your ductwork may encounter. Over the years most homes with ductwork are going to encounter the usual build-up of dust, allergens, dirt, hair, and other debris that start to mess with air quality and reduce airflow. Whether you are having more extreme problems or you have dusty ducts, you can rely on us to help.

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