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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in New Bern, NC

If you need help with the air quality of your house, chances are the team at Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. has a solution for your New Bern, NC home. Just call us to discuss the option that might be right for you.

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Our air purifier services and air filtration system services can provide a measurable improvement to your air quality.

Get the Airtech Advantage today!

Phenomenal Aire

When it comes to air filters or whole home air purification, nothing works better than the Phenomenal Aire system. This system creates a plasma field within your New Bern, NC home’s HVAC system. Molecules are then charged and scrubbed clean from the air. This includes germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold!

Air Purifier Services

Don’t worry, we offer additional air purifier services as well. Our UV air purifiers are proven to eliminate germs by inhibiting their ability to reproduce, which renders them harmless. UV germicidal lights are some of the most effective and safe air purification systems on the market, and the team at Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. can provide them right here in New Bern, NC.

Air Filtration Services

Sometimes germs aren’t the only problem you’re dealing with. Air filtration services like the installation of an air filtration unit can combat contaminants like dust, dirt, debris, cooking smoke, and other inorganic particles. We even provide air filtration maintenance for homeowners that want yearly adjustments made to their air quality system. Call our New Bern, NC air quality experts today!