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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in New Bern, NC

Not only is it uncomfortable to have a building with poor air quality, but it can also be against the law. Shield yourself from complaints and lawsuits by working with the New Bern, NC commercial IAQ experts at Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc.

  • We always look at things from a customer’s perspective
  • We’re NATE certified, licensed, and insured.
  • We always do the right thing.

The choice isn’t hard when you’ve got a team dedicated to education and professionalism in the Crystal Coast.

Get the Airtech Advantage!

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Installation

Do you need a commercial air purifier? Or how about a hospital-grade MERV air filter that can capture contaminants in your establishment and keep the air fresh and clean? That can only come from professional commercial indoor air quality installation from a team of expert staff members. Here at Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc., we can be that team for you.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Replacement

If a commercial air purifier or air filter isn’t working properly and it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s important to address this problem head on. Our team can perform commercial indoor air quality replacement for your building that’s painless and affordable. We’ll make sure that the new system we install works better and more efficiently than your old one. Just call our New Bern, NC office today!

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Repair

When replacement is too much, but your system is still struggling, call us for commercial indoor air quality repair. Your New Bern, NC building or business doesn’t need to keep receiving complaints or having uncomfortable patrons, when you have access to our team.

Why not invest in our commercial indoor air quality maintenance plan? We’ll perform yearly inspections on your system to target and treat every problem that crops up.