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How to Tell Your Ducts Are In Trouble

Monday, December 13th, 2021

Having trouble with your HVAC systems? It is frustrating to encounter reduced airflow and poor comfort to start with. What’s worse, the high energy bills tend to rub salt into the metaphorical wound. But before you blame your heat pump or other HVAC systems themselves, it may be worthwhile to see if the ductwork is the cause of your comfort woes.

See, your HVAC system can work as hard as it wants to, but if the ducts aren’t in decent shape, you won’t enjoy the benefits of your system’s hard work. What’s worse, it can actually hurt your system in the long run too! Your ductwork is vital to your comfort and to the use of your home comfort systems. So how can you tell if your ducts are the source of the issue? We have the answer to this question and the solution too!

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