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These Noises Means Your Heater Is In Trouble

When it comes to using your heater, the most noise that you want to hear is the beep of your thermostat when it turns on and the whoosh of warm air into the home. If your furnace starts to make noise beyond these expected ones, then it should cause reasonable concern. Odd noises coming from a furnace spell trouble in most cases.

You should pay close attention to any unexplained sounds coming from your furnace. Learning which noises you don’t want to hear will let you know when it is time to schedule a furnace repair in Swansboro, NC.

These Sounds Indicate Your Furnace Needs Repairs

If you start to notice any of these noses, then your best course of action is to schedule furnace repairs with a professional team like ours. Be on the alert for sounds including:

  • Whistling: Hearing your furnace whistling a tune? That isn’t something that a furnace is supposed to do. This may indicate that there is a problem with dust clogging your air filter and restricting the flow of air into your furnace. You may also be hearing a whistling noise as hot air escapes through a leak in your ductwork.
  • Rattling: Perhaps you are heating your home but hearing a rattling noise while the furnace is in use. The sound is cause by loose parts in your system vibrating in their housing. Loose bolts or screws can create this sound and will only get worse unless they are tightened during maintenance or repairs.
  • Screeching: This noise is harsh on the ears and bad news for your furnace too. One possible explanation is that you have a loose fan blade that is scraping around inside of its housing, creating this distinct metal-on-metal noise. Another possible cause is a blower motor belt that needs more lubrication or a replacement.
  • Hissing: If you hear hissing from your furnace and smell a whiff of gas, shut down your system immediately. What you may have is a cracked heat exchanger which is leaking combustion gases into your home. This is highly dangerous to your health and safety so leave your system off until it is repaired!
  • Booming: You turn on your furnace but there isn’t any heat being made. Then, after a delay, you hear a boom, followed by a flow of warm air into the home. This is an attention-catcher! Booming is created by an ignition delay. Something, likely built-up dust, is delaying the ignition of the gas in your system, causing a small explosion when the gas finally does ignite. This can create extra damage in your furnace that will cause it to develop additional repair needs.
  • Clicking: Perhaps you hear a bit of clicking on the start-up of your system. This may just be the sound of things heating up. However, if that clicking continues throughout the use of the heater and you notice that things aren’t as warm as usual, it may indicate a problem with your thermostat or your heating components.

The long and short of things is that if your furnace has begun making new noises, then it is worthwhile to get it checked out by a team of experts like ours. We are here to help!

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