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How To Tell You Need a New Heater

Feeling chilly? It may be time for a new heater!

We may not be about to get any snow but temperatures in our area are certainly starting to get cooler. It is that time of year when we are going to start depending on our heaters to keep our homes comfortable. the question is can you rely on your current heater to get the job done?

 After multiple years of service, there is a chance that your heating system may be at the end of its lifespan. This may not always be immediately apparent because it seems like your heater is still operating and trying to get the job done. We can help clarify things. Here we’ve provided some of the warning signs that you need a heater replacement in Washington, NC so you know when to reach out for a helping hand.

Don’t Shiver Through the Season. Schedule a Heater Replacement If…

When you notice any of these warning signs coming from your heater then it means it is time to let the system retire.

The heater is 10 to 15 years old or more.

Age is a number that matters especially when it comes to your HVAC systems. If your heater is already 10 years old, it is worth it to start preparing for a heating system replacement sooner than later. Likewise, if your system is close to or past 15 years old, you should absolutely start the replacement process before your heater gives out completely or ends up costing you far too much to operate.

Heating system repairs have become more frequent

No heating system will go its entire lifespan without ever needing a repair. However, that doesn’t mean frequent repairs are a normal thing either. If you’ve noticed that you need to get your heater repaired increasingly often, once a year or so, then it is worthwhile to get it examined for a possible replacement.

The costs of repairs have gotten too expensive

How expensive have your repairs been as of late? If they’ve gotten to be an extremely high price then it might mean you need to get your system replaced instead. A good rule of thumb to remember in regard to this is that, if your repair bill could pay for half or more of a new system, then it is better to replace it.

Your heater can’t warm up your home anymore

Last but not least, don’t mess with a heater that simply can’t warm your home anymore. When you’ve gotten your heater maintained and repaired, only to discover that it still isn’t warming your home, it means it is worth it to schedule a system replacement.

If and when your heating system needs to be replaced, it is worthwhile to get the job done promptly. Our team of professional technicians is here to help when the time comes.

When you need to replace your heating system, contact Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. Get The Airtech Advantage by working with a team of highly trained and NATE-certified technicians.  

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