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3 Repairs Your Furnace May Need

Your furnace is a powerful heating system. There are furnaces in homes all over the United States for a reason. Furnaces aren’t going to last forever though and they certainly won’t last for long without expert service. Whether your furnace has served you for three years or nine years, it is a good idea to keep tabs on its operation. We suggest this because knowing how your furnace operates makes it more apparent when something is wrong and you need to schedule furnace repair Morehead City, NC.

Furnace repairs aren’t something to ignore. If your furnace heater needs to be fixed, you are better off getting the job taken care of by a trained professional sooner than later. To help, here are some key indicators that you need to schedule repairs with our team.

5 Indicators Your Furnace Needs Repairs

If your furnace starts to exhibit any of the following problems, it is best to reach out to a professional to fix things. Here are the warning signs of trouble that you will need to know.

  1. A concerning smell. If you have a natural gas heater, then this is a highly important problem to be on the alert for. Natural gas systems that develop a leak, usually a crack in the heat exchanger, may create a sulfuric smell or a smell that some compare to rotten eggs. Don’t ignore this smell as it can be an indicator of a serious issue.
  2. Unusual sounds: Your furnace make s areasonable amount of noise during operation, such as the whoosh of air and perhaps some brief clicking or crackling. Noises that fall outside the norm, such as rattling, booming, hissing, whistling, or squealing, are indicators of a furnace that is in need of repairs.
  3. Weakened airflow: Your furnace is made to produce a strong, steady flow of warm air throughout the house. If you notice weakened airflow in one or more areas in the home, it is worth a call to the professionals to check things out. This can lead to high energy costs but low comfort.
  4. Increased energy bills: Are your energy bills showing increases in costs? This may mean there is a problem in your furnace that is forcing it to work harder to maitain your home comfort. Make sure to reach out to a professional to check things out and pull your bills back down to normal.
  5. Short cycling system: Short cycling refers to when your system turns on and only runs for a few brief minutes before shutting back down. This is extremely hard on your furnace and can lead to increasingly expensive repair needs or an early breakdown.

When your furnace starts to struggle, the sooner you get it repaired the better things will be. This isn’t the time to try DIY fixes though. Make sure to always have a trained professional get your system back into prime condition for the sake of your comfort and safety.

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