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The Problem With a Clogged Air Filter

Now is the time of year when everything big has passed by and our main focus is getting through the rest of the winter season in relative comfort without a hassle. There are no shopping lists to fulfill or parties to attend, just cool days and nights to enjoy in the safety and comfort of a warm home.

Now that things have slowed down though are you noticing that your heater seems to be slowing down too? In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there’s a chance that you forgot to take care of a fairly important task: changing your system air filter!

How Often Should You Change Out Your Air Filter?

You might be wondering if you actually do need to change out your air filter. After all, it feels like you just took care of this a couple of months ago. The reality is that filter changes need to be done every one to three months, depending on the use of the system and the quality of the air in your home. Making a habit of checking on your filter each month is a great way to stay on top of things–that way you’ll be able to address a dirty filter sooner than later.

The Impact of a Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter plays an important role in the operation of your heater. It captures dust and other debris and prevents them from getting into the system and mucking things up. With that said, a dirty filter is going to have some negative impacts on your heater until you change it out. These can include:

  • Poor airflow into and out of the heater: A dirty filter will end up hindering the airflow into your heater. This can put the heater at risk of overheating. It will also make it harder to heat up your home as weaker airflow in translates to weaker airflow out of the system too.
  • Higher energy bills: With less air getting through your system, your heater will end up having to work harder to warm your home. This translates to more energy usage and higher bills.
  • Increased repair needs: Over time, the strain that a dirty filter puts on your heater will take its toll. Dirt will start to coat the heating components, airflow will continue to weaken, and the heater will work harder and harder to get by. This can increase the likelihood of repair needs and may even put your system at risk of an early breakdown.

So, have you changed out your system’s air filter recently? If not, now is a great time to do so! This is a quick, easy, and highly affordable way to keep your heater running optimally throughout the winter. If you need help with this task, you can always reach out to the professionals too.

For help with a heating repair in New Bern, NC or any other heating system services, you can come to our team. Contact Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. to schedule an appointment. Get the Airtech Advantage today!

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