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How to Handle High Humidity

Walking outside the house recently would result in feeling like you are swimming through the air. Thunderstorms one moment and high humidity the next means that you can’t get a moment to dry off, let alone cool off through your body’s natural sweating process. It is an uncomfortable time but there is a way to balance things out.

Using the right indoor air quality system can make all the difference when the weather outside makes it seem impossible to cool off. We have the best system to help you battle the heat and humidity this season so you can cool off more easily.

Why Humidity Makes Comfort Hard

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to cool off when it is humid out? The short answer is that the excess humidity in the air is better at holding heat than it is at releasing it. This is why boilers are such great heaters! This is good for the winter but it isn’t exactly helpful in the summer.

So how do you handle high humidity in the summertime? You just have to look for a way to get the extra moisture out of the air in your home. To do that, we’d suggest adding a whole-house dehumidifier in New Bern, NC.

What a Dehumidifier Can Do

We aren’t talking about portable dehumidifiers in this situation. We are talking about whole-house dehumidifiers. The difference with whole-house systems is that they can help address humidity for all the air in the house rather than in just one room. Whole-house units can do this because they are installed within your ductwork which allows them to handle the humidity in all the air that is pumped into your home.

It is important to understand that a dehumidifier isn’t going to completely dry out the air. What it will actually do is balance the moisture level. Optimal comfort is found when the humidity level is between 30 and 50%. When you install a whole-house dehumidifier into your HVAC system it will make sure that the humidity level is kept within this ideal range.

Signs You’d Benefit From Adding a Dehumidifier

So, would you benefit from adding a dehumidifier to your home? Well, that can depend on your home. If you have a home that isn’t well sealed, you may be more in need of a good indoor air quality system to help your comfort than a home that is effectively sealed. Here are some indicators that adding a dehumidifier would be a good idea.

  • There is visible condensation present on doors, windows, and ceilings.
  • There is a problem with the growth of mold or mildew in your home.
  • Allergies and respiratory trouble have increased.
  • Your energy bills have increased.
  • You can’t seem to cool off even though your AC is working properly.

High humidity and high temperatures can join forces to cause plenty of trouble for your home comfort. With our help, you can enjoy better comfort this summer.

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