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5 Noises No AC Should Make

Maybe you have a busy schedule this summer and you feel like you are flying through the weeks. Your goal is to get to everything you can, make some memories, and relax when you are home. You want to make the most of summer. An air conditioner that isn’t keeping your house cool can ruin all of that.

When you need air conditioning repair in New Bern, NC, it is best to schedule the service ASAP. The sooner your system is fixed, the better off you and your wallet will be and the more attention you can focus on everything else you want to do. So what are some early warning signs you can be on the alert for to get those repairs knocked out fast? A noisy air conditioner is usually your first indicator of trouble.

5 Noises That No AC Should Make

Hear any of these noises? If you do, it is time to give us a call or send us a message for repairs ASAP.

  1. Hissing. All too often people mistake hissing for the sound of air simply passing through their air conditioner. What you are actually hearing is the sound of refrigerant in a gaseous state escaping from a leak in the system’s refrigerant line. This is an issue that will rapidly take a toll on your AC if it isn’t addressed soon.
  2. Bubbling. Air leaks can happen anywhere in your refrigerant line, including in areas where the refrigerant is still in a liquid form. If a leak forms in this part of the line, you’ll hear a bubbling noise because air is making its way into the line as refrigerant is leaking out.
  3. Screeching. You turn on your air conditioner and immediately need to cover your ears because of this noise. It is unpleasant and it is a problem. Screeching is created when metal scrapes against metal, which may happen if you have a loose fan blade in your AC scraping around its housing or a dried out blower motor belt. These are issues that require professional repair.
  4. Rattling. Maybe it sounds like your air conditioner has something shaking around inside of it. Not exactly bouncing around but rattling. You can think of this as a warning sound. There’s something loose inside of your air conditioner that will eventually break free unless you get a professional .to find it and reset it in time
  5. Clanging. Did you have a rattling noise that you did not have time to address? If so you may have noticed that the rattling noise has morphed into a clanging noise. Will you are now hearing is the loose part having completely broken free and now bouncing around inside of your AC causing far more damage. If you hear clanging the best idea is to turn off your AC and schedule repairs as soon as you can.

Have an air conditioner that sounds off? Whether you know the root cause or not, a professional technician like the ones on our team should be your go-to for getting it fixed.

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