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These 7 Noises Mean Your AC Is In Trouble

Over the years, consistent use of your air conditioner will take its toll. While yearly maintenance can help to reduce the impact of that wear and tear, your system may still run into trouble that requires repairs to resolve. Odd noises are one of the warning signs that you need to schedule air conditioning repair in Havelock, NC.

Noises that start to pop up over time are going to be caused by different issues in your AC unit. We’ll delve into the different noises you won’t want to hear from your system so you know when to reach out to us.

7 Sounds That Mean Your AC Is In Trouble

If your air conditioner has been making any of these noises, you’ll want to reach out to us for maintenance or repairs.

1. Rattling

If you hear rattling coming from your air conditioner, it is a sign that something is loose inside the system. This may be a bolt, screw, or even a fan blade that is starting to come loose. The sooner you get this addressed, the better off you’ll be. Rattling that is left unaddressed will lead to new problems such as…

2. Clanging

Had a rattling noise that was left untouched? It may have morphed into a clanging noise. Now the loose part is completely free and bouncing around inside of your system. This isn’t just noisy, it is also a big risk to your system. The longer it goes on the worse the damage it can cause.

3. Hissing

Don’t mistake hissing for the regular whoosh of air from your air conditioner. Hissing is created by troublesome issues like a leak in your ductwork or a leak in your refrigerant line, allowing gaseous refrigerant to escape the system. If you start to hear hissing, make sure to have the system checked out ASAP.

4. Bubbling

Bubbling is another noise that can alert you to a refrigerant line leak. The difference is that your leak is in the part of the line where your refrigerant is still in liquid form. The bubbling is created when air enters the line.

5. Screeching

Another warning sound that you need to be alert to is screeching, also described as squealing or screaming. This is created by metal scraping against metal. A screeching sound could indicate you have a dry blower motor belt, dry motor bearings, or even an off-kilter fan blade that is scraping around its housing.

6. Humming or buzzing

Are you noticing that your air conditioner seems to hum or buzz when it operates? This could be something smaller like a clogged air filter. Chances are that you actually have an electrical issue in your system that requires professional service.

7. Silence

Last but not least, make sure to reach out to our team if your air conditioner doesn’t make any noise at all. A silent AC is one that isn’t operating at all. Getting repairs could help restore your system’s operation before you need a full system replacement.

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