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Maintenance Makes a Difference: Here’s How

Staying cool in summer is going to depend a lot on your air conditioner. If your system is running efficiently and effectively, it will keep you comfortable without a high cost. On the other hand, if your AC system is struggling to operate correctly, you may notice less comfort that is costing you more. It is easy to say you’d want to avoid having a cooling system that can’t do its job well. Our team can help you avoid that issue.

Air conditioning maintenance in New Bern, NC is going to make a huge difference in how much you can rely on your system this upcoming summer season. Whether you are skeptical about the difference regular maintenance makes or you simply never knew maintenance was a service you needed, we’d like to tell you a bit more about how it can help you stay comfortable.

What Is Maintenance?

If you are wondering what sets maintenance apart from repairs, you may be happy to know you aren’t the first to ask that question. It’s a valid one and we are happy to answer it.

Maintenance can be thought of as a preventative type of service. When provided by a professional, your system will be cleaned, adjusted, tuned-up and have loose or broken parts atteneded to. This is going to reduce the chances that any dirt build-up, loose parts, or inefficiencies can escalate into a full-blown repair need.

The Difference Maintenance Can Make

It might seem like maintenance only has a small impact on your system because it addresses small issues. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some big benefits you’ll enjoy when you schedule maintenance on a regular basis.

  • It improves your system’s energy efficiency. Did you know that without maintenance your air conditioner is going to lose up to 5% of its energy efficiency each year? That adds up! Regular tune-ups maintain an optimal efficiency level. It might even give your system an efficiency boost!
  • It optimizes the system’s operation. When your air conditioner isn’t having to do battle with loose parts of excess dirt build-up, it will run much more effectively. This means better comfort for you and less strain on the AC overall.
  • It reduces repair needs. We touched on this briefly but we want to make sure to hammer this point home. Repairs aren’t usually the cheapest service so keeping them to a minimum is good for your AC and your wallet. Maintenance as we mentioned before prevents a majority of frequent repair needs, which helps your system and your savings account.

Extra Perks From The Airtech Advantage Club

Maintenance is going to be a huge help to your air conditioner as long as the service is provided by a professional technician. Our team of pros is ready to provide your next tune-up. We even provide the opportunity to sign-up for our maintenance program, The Airtech Advantage Club, so you can enjoy added benefits with your next service like discounts and priority service.

Get The Airtech Advantage by scheduling your annual maintenance appointment with the team at Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc.

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