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3 Reasons to Knock Out AC Maintenance Now

The weather is starting to warm up in our area. Nights are still pretty cold but we are seeing higher temperatures and extra sunshine lately. While the warmth is a great change, it is also a great reminder. We are, of course, talking about the reminder to schedule AC maintenance in New Bern, NC!

Professional maintenance is a helpful way to ensure you get the best performance from your air conditioner throughout the entire season. It is why we offer this service–because it is so beneficial. If you are hesitating about booking a tune-up for your AC unit, we’d like to give you some encouragement. Let’s look at three of the key reasons why getting maintenance done now is your best course of action.

Here are three great benefits that you’ll enjoy when you schedule system maintenance for your air conditioner as soon as you can.

1. Improves your system’s energy efficiency

One of the best things that maintenance can offer you is improved system energy efficiency. Each year that you use your air conditioner, it can start to wear down which can reduce its efficiency level. The worse your system efficiency, the higher your bills will be.

When you schedule regular maintenance each year for your air conditioner it can help to improve its energy efficiency. This means great comfort without a high energy bill.

2. Reduces the chances that you’ll need repairs

Another great perk that regular maintenance offers you is that it can prevent repair needs. This is because the small issues or inefficiencies that are addressed with professional maintenance are prevented from escalating into repair needs. For example, cleaning any dust that has collected on your system’s evaporator coil can prevent the buildup from worsening and causing reduced heating or short cycling.

Along with saving time that would be spent on system repairs, this means you’ll also end up saving the cash that would need to pay for those repairs too.

3. Improves the cooling from your air conditioner

Last but certainly not least, maintenance will help to improve your system’s operation. Clearing away dust, tightening loose parts, lubricating a dry belt, and other tasks that are a standard part of maintenance will improve your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home. Investing in a tune-up now is a great way to guarantee your comfort all summer.

An Added Bonus: Shorter Wait Time

In addition to these benefits, scheduling now, rather than waiting until things really heat up, will save you on time overall. This is because when you schedule maintenance earlier than usual, you won’t have to battle to find a time slot at the same time as all of your neighbors!

If you haven’t already, make sure to book your system maintenance appointment with our team. We’ve served homes throughout the area for many years and you can even get added discounts and other benefits when you sign up for our maintenance program, The Airtech Advantage Club.

Get The Airtech Advantage: Contact Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. to schedule your tune-up.

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