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Tips for Efficient Home Heating

When it’s cold outside, running your heater is the best way to keep your home warm and your family comfortable. However, it may be too expensive to run your heater often enough to make your home as warm as you’d prefer.

You should be able to depend on a reliable heating system and also one that keeps your energy bills within your budget. Read on to learn some tips to keep your home warm and cozy and your bills manageable when your household finances are at their tightest.

7 Tips for Affordable Wintertime Comfort

Use these best practices to get the most from your heater without wasting money that you’d rather use on something else.

  1. Keep doors and windows closed: Closing doors and windows keeps the warm air in the house where it belongs. It also keeps the cold air outside of the house. This will make it far easier to keep the house heated without adding to your energy bills.
  2. Bundle up in the coziest clothes: Do you have a fluffy, soft sweater that you’ve been looking forward to wearing? If so, now is the time to put it on. Bundling up in layers and warm clothes can help you stay comfortable without increasing the demand on your heater. If anything, it will make it easier to keep the thermostat set to a reasonable temperature.
  3. Turn the thermostat down: What is the temperature setting on your thermostat? You might want to turn it down. Keeping it set to 68° keeps the home warm without driving up the energy bills too high. You can lower it by a few degrees at night when everyone is snug in their beds.
  4. Use the heat you have: Does the sun shine on certain parts of the house? On sunny days, open the curtains or blinds to enjoy the radiant heat the sun provides. What’s more, it’s a great time to cook and bake–the heat from the kitchen will penetrate other parts of the house too.
  5. Change your system’s air filter: Your heater’s air filter is vital for keeping dust, dirt, and debris out of the system. That is why you want to make sure that your air filter is as clean as possible. Make sure to check and change your filter every 1-3 months to help your heating system run efficiently.
  6. Make sure all vents are open: The air vents or air handlers around your home need to be wide open in order to enjoy the warm air that is being blown through the home. Closing the vents puts strain on your system and increases your energy bills, so make sure all vents are open and clear of debris and decor.
  7. Schedule heater services with an expert: When your heating system needs some extra help, your best option is to schedule your heating services in New Bern with a professional.

Taking care of your home’s heater and knowing what to do to keep your house warm will save you energy and keep your bills manageable.

If you need help with your heater, contact Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. Get The Airtech Advantage by calling today.

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