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How To Stay Warm When Waiting For Repairs

Everyone wants to avoid the worst-case scenario but sometimes you’re faced with them anyway. Having a full system breakdown during the coldest months of the year is a big problem. Thankfully, you can deal with a non-working system with heater repairs in New Bern or a replacement, if needed.

The thing is, a heater repair isn’t an immediate solution. Depending on what is causing trouble, the repair could be a quick fix or it could take several hours. So, while you know that you need service and you’ve made the call to our team for help, it’ll take some time until your heater starts to work again. How do you keep warm in the interim?

Ideas to Help You Keep Warm While You Wait

If you’re waiting on expert heater repairs, you may want to use some of these ideas to keep yourself and your loved ones warm until your system is up and running again.

  • Make a hot meal. Need to make lunch or dinner anyway? Cooking a hot meal or baking a dessert will produce some ambient heat that can permeate other parts of the house and keep things a bit warmer. Plus, once you finish cooking you have a nice hot meal to warm you up!
  • Use the fireplace. If there was ever a reason to get a good fire going in your fireplace, this is it. Whether you have a gas-powered fireplace or a wood-burning one, you can enjoy a fire that’ll help warm you up and provide some added heat to the house.
  • Bundle up. If you aren’t already in your warmest clothes, now’s the time to put them on. Base layers, warm sweaters, thick socks, and a wool hat provide your body with insulation that will help you stay warmer while you wait for repairs.
  • Get some exercise in. We all heat up when we move around. Our team won’t judge if you get your daily workout in while we work on your heater. It’s a great way to keep yourself warm with mutual benefits too. If you don’t want to exercise, you might try dancing.
  • Use a space heater. If you have a space heater that you use in unheated parts of your home such as the garage, it may be a good idea to pull it inside for a little while. You can run the space heater to increase the temperature indoors to a more comfortable range until your heater gets back into operation.
  • Let in the sunshine. If there are any rooms receiving direct sunlight then we’d say it’s a good idea to keep those blinds or curtains open. The radiant heat from the sun can help warm things up in the interim.
  • Gather everyone in one room. If you have multiple people in your house, you’ll all stay warmer by gathering together. Propose a fun game or a movie party so you can all be in one room and stay warmer while your technician gets your heater up and running.

For prompt service that gets your heater’s problem solved, you can count on us.

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