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5 Reasons To Get Your Heater Tune-Up Now

Maintenance is an important service to keep up with. It is kind of like visiting the dentist on a regular basis, allowing you to keep things in better condition and prevent a majority of issues that you’d rather avoid. There is a reason that our team provides this service to residents in the area like you. We want to save you time and money!

If you haven’t scheduled heater maintenance in Kinston, NC yet this fall, we’d say that no time is better than the present. And we’ll why it is worth it below.

What Maintenance Involves

The tasks taken care of during maintenance are meant to help the system work well but cost less. When an expert technician performs this service it can include a variety of tasks such as:

  • Cleaning out built-up dust and debris
  • Checking burners or electrical heating components
  • Checking gas connections (if applicable)
  • Checking wiring and electrical connections
  • Testing amperage and performance
  • Checking and changing system filter

These are just some of the tasks that are completed during a tune-up. The end result of everything that is done is that it helps your heater do its job.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Still not sure if you are going to benefit from maintenance this fall? If so, then you may be happy to learn more about what expert maintenance can provide you.

  1. Energy efficiency: Regular yearly tune-ups can help your heater operate with better energy efficiency throughout the season. In fact, this service can prevent the loss of up to 5% of the system’s efficiency level which would occur otherwise each year without that tune-up. This saves you money and peace of mind in the long run.
  2. Effectiveness: A well-maintained heater is also going to be more effective at doing its job. Tasks such as cleaning out dust build-up loose parts prevent these issues from making it harder for the system to do its job. And, of course, this helps you enjoy better home heating!
  3. Safety: A heater that is well-maintained is also one that operates more safely. Maintenance can help prevent the development of potential safety hazards such as cracks in a furnace heat exchanger, overheating systems, or even refrigerant leaks.
  4. Warranty: When a professional installs your home’s heating system, it should come with a manufacturer warranty that helps cover upkeep and repairs for a number of years. However, most warranties come with a stipulation that you have it maintained so scheduling a tune-up helps keep your warranty valid.
  5. Reduced repairs: Last but not least, maintenance that is done each year is going to reduce the chances of the system needing repairs. Maintenance can actually help to prevent up to 85% of your system’s repair needs over the course of its lifespan.

Ready to book your heater’s yearly maintenance appointment? We are here to provide this service whenever you need it.

Contact Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. to schedule an appointment and Get The Airtech Advantage.

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