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4 Spooky Noises a Malfunctioning Heater Might Make

When a cold spell hits or you encounter a truly chilly night, you are going to want to keep your home comfortably warm without too much trouble. That’s why you have a heater, after all.

The problem that you might encounter is that your heater may not be working quite right. This is a small issue now when the cold nights aren’t too bad. But the problem will only worsen as the weather cools more and more each week.

You need an effective system for home heating in Havelock, NC. Keeping your system running effectively means knowing when to get the service it needs to address any problems that might be hindering the heating process. That’s why we’ve listed some of the most common noises that may indicate trouble for your heater so you can better tell when to reach out to us.

Have a Noisy Heater? Here’s What Those Sounds May Mean

If you hear any of the following sounds, your best course of action will be to contact us for expert repairs.

  1. Rattling: Maybe you seem to be hearing something shaking around inside your home. This is less likely to be a sentient skeleton and more likely to be caused by loose parts being shaken up during the operation of your heater. Your furnace’s blower door may have started to loosen or you may have a heat pump with loose bolts or screws. We’d suggest having a rattling heating system examined soon so that those parts don’t break free and make things worse.
  2. Screeching: A screaming or shrieking heater is a highly unpleasant situation. It can also be spooky hearing that shriek in the middle of the night! The solution is a mechanical one rather than an ethereal one, thankfully. This noise often indicates worn out or dry motor parts, such as a blower motor belt that need lubrication or motor bearings that require replacement.
  3. Hissing: That hissing noise is (ironically) sending chills up your spine. But instead of a ghost whispering its way around your house, this is instead a sign of a heater problem. The best cause of this sound is a clogged air filter because that is a fix you can make yourself–just change the air filter! On the other hand, hissing can indicate a leak in a heat pump’s refrigerant line or a crack in a furnace heat exchanger. Both of these are big issues that need to be dealt with promptly.
  4. Booming: This noise is primarily one to watch out for if you have a gas-powered furnace. Booming is caused by delayed ignition of the natural gas in your system. Often it means that you just need a technician to clear out those burners. But a simple fix shouldn’t trick you into thinking this isn’t a big deal. Those booms are small explosions that really wear out your furnace and will lead to much bigger problems in the near future until they are resolved.

If and when your heater runs into trouble, make sure you reach out to a professional team to get the maintenance or repairs necessary to keep your system running effectively, efficiently, and safely for the rest of the year and beyond.

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