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3 Things To Know About Keeping Your AC In Good Shape

How happy would you be to find out that your air conditioner was running both ineffectively and inefficiently? We’d say you’d likely be pretty upset about that.

But what about if you had the ability to take action to address these problems?

To be clear, we aren’t encouraging anyone to try their own hand at fixing their AC system. We want to help you out though. When it comes to keeping your AC running effectively and efficiently, our team has the know-how to get the job done. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your AC in proper shape.

3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Air Conditioner

It makes sense that you’d want the best efficiency and effectiveness from your AC unit. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you do that.

1 . You need to change your air filter regularly

The air filter for your air conditioner is responsible for keeping dust and other debris out of your air conditioning system. Over time, however, that filter can slowly but surely become too dirty to do its job.

You need to make sure that you change your air filter regularly in order to keep it clean and allow strong airflow to enter your system. Believe it or not, a dirty air filter can impede both the cooling process and mess with your system’s energy efficiency.

If you aren’t comfortable with changing your filter yourself, you can always ask one of our technicians to help show you how it’s done.

2. Refrigerant loss isn’t normal, it’s a big issue

Refrigerant is the substance in your system that serves as a heat transfer medium. It absorbs heat when it is evaporated in the evaporator coil and then releases that heat outside of the home when it is compressed.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that you should worry about a refrigerant leak. Loss of your refrigerant supply can create hissing sounds along with a reduced level of cooling and increased energy cost.

If you notice any sign of a refrigerant leak in your AC, you need to have it addressed as soon as you can. This can mean the difference between a repair and a replacement in some cases.

3. Regular maintenance and professional repairs are vital

Last but not least, make sure to get maintenance for your AC regularly and air conditioning in New Bern, NC promptly. These services are highly important to your system’s long-term function.

Maintenance is the thing that can help address small problems in your AC before they escalate into repairs. However, when those repairs do pop up, you’ll want to get them seen to, quickly. Leaving problems unaddressed will only let them get worse. Make sure to work with a professional technician that you can trust to get your system running right.

Aside from that filter change, you want to make sure that you leave any other services to the professionals. Contact Airtech Mechanical Services, Inc. for your next AC service so you can Get The Airtech Advantage.

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